Bluebells and Red Campion

At last the Bluebells are blooming in our garden. They were already here when we bought our house and spread themselves around as they like. Our house sits on land which is a mix of old farmland and woodland so I’m guessing these plants have grown here a while. The Bluebells are a mix of our native dark blue Bluebells and Spanish Bluebells which have paler blue flowers and pink blooms too. If you’d like to see the difference click the Bluebell on the left. 

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Homes for Insects

Insect Habitat 02

A visit to the national Wildflower Centre at Liverpool has more to offer than wildflowers. A wall of insect homes has been created from old building materials, timber and cardboard. It’s been there a while and has been colonised by plants too. Some of the plants are grown for the insects, or more accurately for their larvae. For example wild hops are food for the caterpillars of the Peacock butterfly.

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