The Owls are Back

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There are predators in the garden!  Blackbirds sounding their incessant alarm call alerted me to intruders. I’ve heard owls hooting day and night recently so I guessed that they were nearby. I went to investigate with my camera.

Tawny-Owls - CopyThe blackbirds were making a song and dance around the Beech tree. High up in the branches there were two owls. You can just see them  top right in the tall tree. They saw me taking photos but remained relaxed throughout. It amazes me that all the creatures in this garden seem to know we won’t harm them.

These are Tawny Owls and it’s quite likely that these are young birds. They probably hatched in April and it’s likely that they’ve been sitting in trees around this garden since they fledged.
The same thing happened last year. It seems we have a mature pair of owls nearby who produce two healthy chicks each year. Lovely!

Last years owl chicks perched much lower down in the Horse Chestnut tree close to my garden studio. There are wood pigeons nesting there now so perhaps they claimed that tree first this year.
If you’d like to see more owls just click the image links below.

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6 thoughts on “The Owls are Back

  1. Lovely to read your blog again Gill and super to see your owls are back. This is a great time of year with our gardens bursting with colour. Xxx

  2. How great! I have Eastern Screech Owls who’ve raised families, though not this year (sniff)–but so glad you have some to observe. Of course, your other wildlife isn’t so happy about them….

    1. That’s the big bonus of having a garden isn’t it? There’s more drama than a soap opera going on outside!

  3. How wonderful. I’ve seen owls whist out and about walking the dog but they are one of the few birds I don’t have visit the garden

    1. Yes we are so lucky. We have tall mature trees which make perfect roosting places for them and a steady supply of voles and wood pigeons for them to eat!

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