Top Ten Gardening Jobs for September

Summerina-SquareI can’t believe it’s the first day of September. This year seems to have flown by and now it’s almost autumn. As usual I’ve got plans for this month. Big plans! I have been thinking about how I would like the garden to look next year, new plants I would like to grow and simple changes I want to make. There are always lots of things to do in the garden, especially at this time of year.
This morning I’ve made a long list of things I would like to do. This list is as long as your arm. It fills two A4 pages…

Usually I try to do everything then become frustrated that there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit it all in. I’ve just found a few dahlia tubers that I forgot to plant earlier this year. If I’d done it at the right time they would be in flower now!

This month it’s going to be different.



I’m picking the top ten jobs that really make a difference to a garden in September.
To make sure that I focus I thought I would list them here and then write about them as I tick them off my list.

  1. Take cuttings of tender plants.
  2. Plant bulbs for a good display in spring.
  3. Plant biennials raised from seed this year.
  4. Plant up patio containers with hardy plants for a display throughout autumn and winter.
  5. Dig over beds before the autumn rain arrives and add plenty of organic matter.
  6. Prune climbing roses and take cuttings of them.
  7. Start clearing up and composting.
  8. Sow super hardy annuals for early flowers next year.
  9. Divide perennials.
  10. Collect seeds as they ripen.

Summerina-portraitIt may not be as straightforward as I hoped. Two of my top ten jobs have two stages to them (5 and 6) It was quick to write the list but adding tonnes of manure and compost to the garden takes quite a bit of time and A LOT of effort. Several of the jobs overlap so I will probably tackle them together. For example: I could divide my perennials, discard and compost the old woody centres then dig the earth and add manure and compost to improve it before replanting the fresh young divisions. Other jobs for September such as collecting seeds will probably take more than one session to get them cracked.

Am I talking myself out of it already? Not really. I know that any garden work we do now whilst the weather is mild will pay dividends in a few months time. With a bit of luck the pictures in my mind will become reality in the garden in spring.

At least I have a plan. Let’s see how it goes!

What’s top of your gardening list this month?

By the way… the images today are Summerina. It’s a new perennial developed by crossing Rudbeckia with Echinacea. It’s a sturdy upright plant and I’m loving the strong autumn colours in each petal. So far so good.

Wishing you happy gardening this September.     Gillian 🙂


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Gardening Jobs for September

  1. I love your ambition! I really should divide my perennials, but it is such a big job. I have to get help from the menfolk! 😉 I’ve ordered a couple hundred daffodil and allium bulbs (such optimism!) that will be arriving in late Sept. There’s lots that has to be cut down and composted. Then in October endless leaves to be raked, shredded for mulch, then tarped to be spread in spring. I’m tired just thinking of all that needs doing! I used to do so much, but alas, I am no longer young like you are! ;-D

    1. And this list is way shorter than my original one! I thought that just choosing a few would help me to focus on what’s important to me. I agree with you about having help – a few volunteers can make a huge task seem simple.

  2. My list is very similar to your, but it includes emptying the old coal bins of leaf compost to make ready for this year’s leaves. I also need to decide what bulbs I am going to plant this Autumn and whether I am going to move any plants. I don’t think too much needs dividing this year as I did that last year, so it is more of a good old tidy up and weed just now.

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