Autumn Patio Pots

robin-thumbnailI’ve been planting up some containers for autumn and winter colour. I like to work outside rather than in the greenhouse whenever I can to make the most of the sunshine and fresh air. There’s always something going on in the garden to watch but this time something was watching me…

A robin perched on the wall directly above my head and kept a bright and beady eye on me whilst I worked. I carried on filling the first trough then tiptoed away to grab my camera. robin-spectator

The robin was still there when I returned. I was thrilled to bits that I managed to take a few shots despite the clicking and whirring of the camera. The robin seemed more concerned about finding something good to eat before the sun set for the evening. I spent a few minutes taking pictures then offered a reward of some lovely grated cheese.



What a beautiful little bird.
And I’m quite pleased with my container too!

Have you planted up your containers for Autumn and Winter yet?
Happy Gardening     Gillian 🙂

Robin Collage