Autumn Flowers for Cutting

Autumn-Flowers-ThumnailA vase full of colourful autumn blooms is perfect to brighten up a dull afternoon. Orange and Purple Dahlias and Salvia viridis combined with a few stems of foliage… Hedera helix, Eucalyptus gunnii and Arum italicum make a cheerful bunch.


It was a lovely sunny morning just perfect for taking a few photos outdoors. Being outside in the sun and a bunch of beautiful flowers in these lovely bright shades made me feel so happy.
But now the sky is dark with rain clouds.
At least I have my sunshine in a vase for the house.
Autumn-Flowers 01

It seems like our lovely long  spell of mild weather is over now and we can expect very low night time temperatures this week.
Oh well… it had to end sometime I suppose. And there’s always next year to look forward to. What should I grow next year I wonder?           What are you planning to grow in your garden next year? Gillian

salvia-viridis-thumbnailYou may also like to read about growing annual and perennial Salvias.
Just click the link to see more.

To see lots more vases full of flowers and foliage have a look at Cathys lovely Blog Rambling in the Garden.

6 thoughts on “Autumn Flowers for Cutting

  1. You wouldn’t think from your photo that it was November, would you? The dahlias on their own would be perfect but your additions really enhance it – I have neglected my ivy flowers while there have been so many other things to choose for my vases, but I love them! I shall have a look at your salvia link as I would like to give perennial salvias a go next year. Thanks for your interest in the ‘In a Vase on Monday’ meme – if you want to join in again just leave a link in your post too as well as a link on mine like you have done. It has been so inspiring to share our vases 🙂

    1. Thanks for the welcome Cathy. Links added to post and sidebar. I’m looking forward to joining in. It’s very cold here this afternoon – looks like autumn is arriving at last so I’ve just moved everything in pots into the greenhouse.

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