Best Hardy Annuals

There are many annual flowers to grow from seed. So many in fact that it can be hard to choose which to grow. Each year I like to try something new so I select different annual flowers depending on the planting scheme I have in mind. But there are a few that are always on my list…

I recommend these flowers because they are all:

  • hardy annuals
  • prolific flowering
  • easy to grow

Ammi     Californian Poppy

Larkspur     Cornflower

Marigold     Clary

Nigella     Sweet Peas

What’s my favourite flower? I’ve noticed that whatever is in flower right NOW always features in my list of favourites.

Ask me again in September and I’ll probably have another list of plants I simply MUST grow. That’s the fun of gardening for me.
Everything changes with the seasons.

What’s looking good in your garden right now?    Gillian 🙂

6 thoughts on “Best Hardy Annuals

  1. Thanks for the list – I already have the Californian poppy on my list and the Centaurea – good choices. I am going to try growing them from seed next year, but I hope the season is long enough here.

    1. I’m already looking forward to a new batch of plants next year Annette. Here’s hoping we have another lovely summer in 2016!

  2. My garden’s in transit. It looks good up to mid June and again from Sept. It seems to have a dip around now no matter what I plant. Something to work on. My favourite annual and a must have in the garden is a Sweet Pea, any one will do

    1. That’s a real garden for you Gina. I bet we all have parts of our garden that look decidedly sad at various points throughout the year. From experience I know that some gardens open to the public often buy in plants to boost their borders for open days. Do you grow Clary/Salvia viridis? That goes on and on for me all summer.

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