Big Butterfly Count

A Red Admiral butterfly kept me company whist I sat outside enjoying the sunshine and my mid morning coffee today. The beautiful creature fluttered from plant to plant seeking nectar to drink and occasionally rested on the lawn enjoying the sunshine just like me I guess. The butterfly above is a Peacock and the Red Admiral is below on the top left of the square picture.

There are many more butterflies visible now that the weather has improved and Buddlejas are in full bloom. You can see why they love them so much, each flower head is made up of hundreds of tiny tubular nectar filler blooms.

Which reminds me… it’s the BIG BUTTERFLY COUNT this month so I’ll be finding time to spend 15 minutes in the garden concentrating on counting our butterfly visitors. It’s lovely to take a few minutes to notice just how many butterflies pass through our garden and to spot the different varieties. It’s great fun for small children too.

Are there any butterflies in your garden today?
Thanks for reading, liking and commenting and Happy Gardening! Gillian 🙂

4 thoughts on “Big Butterfly Count

  1. Gillian the Butterfly of the Red Admiral is divine. The photos are beautiful. Yes there are butterflies in my garden, they are white, but with the heat that does not make much of them. From now on I will tell you. Greetings from Margarita.

  2. Beautiful wings! Today on my coneflowers I saw Great Spangled Fritillaries, Skippers, a hawkmoth and several types of bees. Love!

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