Wallflower Giant Pink


Giant Pink Wallflowers are still available in the Pink and White Biennial Flowers Collection. I have a few boxes left and they will sell out fast so to be completely fair it’s first come first served. Sow them this month then your young plants will carry on growing whilst the soil is still warm this autumn. All the seeds in this collection are Hardy Biennials so they will not only survive but thrive outside throughout the winter months then burst into life again in spring. You’ll have a good selection of early pink and white blooms which are lovely in the garden with tulips, perfect for pollinators and excellent for cut flowers of course. There are 6 packets of seed in this collection for £9.95.

  • Cynoglossum ‘Mystery Rose’
  • Dianthus barbatus ‘Albus’
  • Wallflower ‘Giant Pink’
  • Lunaria annua ‘Alba’
  • Dianthus ‘Rose Magic’
  • Walflower ‘White Dame’

I’ve sold out of individual packets of Giant Pink Wallflower seeds. Thanks very much if you bought them from me! They have been very popular because they flower early, they are tall (so great for cut flowers) and they’re very rewarding flowers to grow.

Also whilst I’m on the subject of selling seeds… I’m delighted to say that Country Garden Seeds has had some lovely REVIEWS via this website and my Amazon shop. It’s great to know that customers are happy with the fast and friendly service. If you have bought seeds from me over the past year then THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I really appreciate your custom and its lovely that you have taken the time to write a review for me.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and don’t forget you’ve still got time to sow your biennials!

Happy Gardening    Gillian 🙂