Bluebells in May 2014

Bluebell ThumbnailAs each year comes to a close I like to look back at my photos to remind myself of some of the best times. May in particular is often an outstanding month for me. There are some special family events to celebrate and usually the weather is warm which gives us the chance to be outside and enjoy the sunshine after a long dreary winter. 


So what are the best things about May in a country garden?
Well May is always the month that the garden really bursts into life.
There are fresh green shoots on the trees, wild flowers are blooming, the fruit trees are sparkling with pale pink and white flowers and in the wood there is a carpet of English Bluebells.
Individually they are beautiful.
Together they are truly breathtaking.

This year I had masses of Red Campion growing with the Bluebells.
Mixed Bluebells

Flowers are wider and pale blue or pink
Flowers are wider and pale blue or pink

In 2013 there were just a few of the beautiful deep pink Red Campion flowers. There were several clumps of the pale pink Spanish Bluebells.

If you’d like to know more about the difference between English and Spanish Bluebells then just click the photo to see the article.

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What’s your favourite month for 2014?      Gillian 🙂



4 thoughts on “Bluebells in May 2014

  1. I was going to write that June is my favourite month, but then I do love September and October too, and May is not bad either! LOL! Love the photos of your bluebells. We don’t get them here in the south of Germany. Maybe the wrong type of woodland for them. So they always make me feel a little homesick… in a good way though!

  2. Well my favourite month has to be in the Spring, but will have to think about which one. I do like bluebells, but they do try to take over my garden and grow in places where you just can’t dig them up. I have left them along the very back of the border and if they stay there I am happy.

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