Paperwhite Daffodils

Paperwhite ThumbnailWe’ve just finished taking the Christmas decorations down. It feels good to have them all packed away safely until next year but there is a distinct lack of greenery indoors now. I like to have something beautiful to look at on my kitchen windowsill. Flowers make me happy.
A bunch of Paperwhite Daffodils and a pot of fresh green Basil are just the ticket. 

Paperwhites & Basil

I love colour. That’s true… but throughout the short dark days of January a little vase of something fresh and light is enough to lift my spirits. Besides if you look closely there’s a touch of golden yellow inside every flower.

Paperwhites Collage

I’m not the only gardener who loves cut flowers for the house.
If you’d like to see some more then pop along to Cathy’s blog Rambling in the Garden.

Thanks for reading.  Sending you my best wishes for a very Happy New Year.         Gillian 🙂

9 thoughts on “Paperwhite Daffodils

  1. That vase is perfect for these, isn’t it Gillian – and doesn’t the basil look even more gorgeous a shade of green against the white? Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Cathy. I confess that I do have rather a lot of vases of all shapes and sizes… I don’t spend a lot on them and often paint them to suit a particular room or bunch of flowers. (Unglazed ceramic vases are best for painting)

      1. This is now the same for me, Gillian, as I had about 2 before I began the meme (plus a few which were bought for decorative purposes) – since then they have come mostly from car boots and I do have paint in mind for something too…)

  2. They are very pretty Gillian – I also like something fresh and light after removing all the Christmas decorations. 🙂

    1. Thanks Cathy. We had a very multicoloured Christmas this year so pale and interesting is most suitable for me right now!

  3. I love them. It is a good idea to pick them and put them in a vase. They get so leggy growing in a pot. I love them in that white vase.

  4. So gorgeous! I’ve missed out on paper whites this years but can’t wait for my Minnows to appear. Lovely blog by the way 🙂 I’m a new follower x

    1. Very happy to meet you Alena and good luck with all your plans for your new garden.Thanks for the follow and your lovely comment.

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