Brilliant News for Bees

BeeThis week we have heard the brilliant news that pesticides which harm bees and other beneficial insects have been banned.
Bees are essential for the pollination of:
1) Food crops in our fields and
2) Ornamental plants in our private gardens.
As they move from plant to plant they distribute pollen which fertilises the flowers.

Without bees there would be no fruit, vegetables or flowers.

Bees need our help now. Their numbers have been declining for decades so action is required. To encourage bees into your garden all you need to do is grow plants with a simple open flower. Most flowering plants are suitable, even plants which are not native to the UK will provide food for bees.

In my own garden the bees love the flowers of Primroses Primula vulgaris and Anemone Anemone blanda growing at the foot of the oak tree next to my studio.

April Flowers

Please think carefully before you spray something harmful.
Just a thought…when aphids (greenfly or blackfly) attack your favourite plants, it’s tempting to reach for a chemical to eradicate them. Chemicals are efficient killers but there are other ways to deal with the little bugs.

Aphids always cluster around soft new growth… they are easy to spot. You can squash them with your fingers or rinse them off with water or even better … simply leave them for the ladybirds and blue tits to enjoy.

Here is the really amazing thing.  If you stop spraying then sooner or later the wildlife will reach a balance in your garden. You will always have a few pests and you will always have beautiful birds searching for them.