Storm Barney Hits

It seems that our weather really is changing. The Met Office are now actually naming storms that affect the UK and Ireland in much the same way as hurricanes are named elsewhere in the world. We have always had gale force winds in November but this year they already seem to be stronger than in previous years with trees felled, torrential downpours of rain and widespread flooding. The Met Office have been very helpful and their website includes weather forecasts, videos, severe weather warnings and even infographics to use on your website or blog.

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A world devoid of colour

Red TulipIf the world was devoid of colour what would I do? I would have to get used to a tasteful black and white blog for a start! My wardrobe would be the height of fashion for once in trendy shades of black and grey with white accents. I could get used to black and white food I think…  but I couldn’t manage without some colour in the garden.   

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English Oak Trees

I’ve often wondered about the oak tree I sit under every day. My studio is directly beneath it. During the day I can hear woodpeckers drumming on the dead wood right at the top of the tree. Blue tits collect insects and sing to claim their patch. Squirrels scurry and leap and there’s an occasional thud on the roof…

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Protect your Tender Plants

Tender Plants 04There’s a big storm coming. Experts at the met office are tracking the weather systems from the Great Lakes and Florida. It’s likely that they will join up to form a storm and it’s possible that heavy rainfall and wind in excess of 80 mph will hit the UK early on Monday. It’s hard to believe because October has been mild this year with higher than usual temperatures both during the day and at night.

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