Broadway Doors

There are some English villages that are impossible to drive through without stopping to look a little more closely at the homes, shops and of course the village inns. Broadway is one of our most beautiful Cotswolds villages I think. It has the most gorgeous honey coloured buildings… some ancient and others much newer but all very attractive.  Broadway is very popular so it can become busy at times but it’s most definitely worth a close look.



Here are some of the more characterful buildings we saw in Broadway last September. I love the way all the doors are quite unique and it’s especially lovely that they are all enhanced by individual planting schemes, some restrained and some more exuberant. Can you guess the character of the householders from the outside of their homes I wonder?



I’m joining in with Norms Thursday Doors today.
Everyone is welcome to join in… why not pop along for a look?

18 thoughts on “Broadway Doors

  1. Gillian all the houses are beautiful! The doors are very nice. I love the gardens of each house: no two are the same and it is right that they say a lot about who lives in the house. Broadway is a very picturesque and beautiful town, well worth a visit. Your photos are magnificent. Greetings from Margarita.

  2. What is it about doors that seem to get attention from many of us. I have so enjoyed revisiting the Cotswolds with you.

    1. I’m always hooked if I see a lovely characterful property with an interesting door and beautiful plants Linda. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. Have seen the Cotswolds villages in several blogs over the years. The exteriors looks so attractive! I wonder how they look inside:) Your last door is very cute.

    1. I’m sure they are all gorgeous Jeanette! Some of the cottages are available for holidays… The National Trust have some particularly lovely properties to rent. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  4. Sigh… simply wonderful. I HAVE to visit there one day. You found some exceptional examples this week – nicely done 🙂

  5. Broadway is such a picturesque village, as are so many of the Cotswold villages. Lovely photos. Doors hold a fascination for me too and I am always taking pictures of them so it was great to see your link to Thursday doors – I shall look some out and think about a post for next week. That’s what I like about blogging – getting inspiration and ideas from others.

    1. Quite true Sue. Inspiration from other bloggers is great. I only found out about the Thursday Doors event a couple of weeks ago myself. Looking forward to next week and seeing your doors!

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