Hoverflies & Nipplewort

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There’s a patch of tall yellow wild flowers under the oak tree in my Spring Garden. My Dad would call them weeds.
I think they are Lapsana communis… commonly known as Nipplewort and once used as a herbal remedy for breast ulcers.

The centre of each tiny flower is loaded with pollen and Hoverflies simply love them. They are common in woods, hedges and fields throughout the UK, Europe and Asia and their leaves are edible… a bit like lettuce apparently.



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Nipplewort flowers  open in sunshine to reveal their beautiful yellow petals then close again in the shade. If you don’t want these weeds/wildflowers in your garden they are easy to remove . Simply pull the whole plant out of moist ground before they set seed.


I need to do a bit of tidying and weeding so I’m cutting some for a vase of wild flowers today.

Happy Gardening. Poppies & Grass Gill

8 thoughts on “Hoverflies & Nipplewort

  1. I think I have those but I didn’t know what they were. I will leave them until they seed then as we do have hoverflies too.

    1. My weeds/wildflowers seem to come in waves with different ones dominating each year. I have a good wild flower book with photos which helps me identify them!

  2. I have orange hawkbit, Leontodon autumnalis, which, apart from the colour, looks remarkably similar to your nipplewort. It’s growing in a wild part of the garden and as long as I control it’s spread it will stay there too. I’ll now be on garden watch for hoverflies 🙂

  3. Lovely photographs, making the ordinary extraordinary..we have nipple wort here too- one of the many yellow daisy/dandelion types that grow in the lanes.

    1. Thanks! It’s easy to disregard some of our more common plants… photography helps me to look closely.

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