Buddlejas are Best for Butterflies

buddleja-and-butterflyIt’s official… Buddleja davidii is the best plant for butterflies. Each flower spike contains hundreds of individual flowers all full of nectar to attract butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects.

It’s a common shrub because of it’s ability to self seed. At this time of year you will see them flowering in both country gardens and urban environments. You can spot the shrubs distinctive arching habit and long flower spikes from a distance. Sunny railway embankments and areas of waste ground are smothered in blooms in pastel shades of pink, purple and lilac from July until September. Somehow Buddlejas manage to seed themselves into walls and the tiniest crevice in bridges and pavements too.


They are easy to grow and so rewarding in terms of what you get for your money:

• Hundreds of beautiful scented flowers
• A garden full of butterflies
• A tall shrub in just one season
• Easy to grow so brilliant for low maintenance gardens

There are many cultivars to choose from depending on the space you have available.
I love Buddleja davidii ‘Lochinch’ which has long elegant pale flower spikes and ‘Black Knight’ which is deep purple.

I’ve had lots of bees and Small White butterflies visiting my garden this summer but this is the month to spot Red Admirals so I’ll be keeping a look out for them too. If you haven’t got space to grow a Buddleja in your garden you can easily attract butterflies with litttle pieces of rotting fruit on your bird table.

Happy Gardening    Gillian 🙂