Magical butterfly moments.

Red AdmiralThis morning I sat outside in the warm sunshine. I was enjoying my freshly brewed coffee and the beautiful flowers in the Summer Border. I’ve grown lots of Verbena bonariensis from seed this year. It’s a tall airy plant with tiny tubular flowers making up each flower head. Whilst I was observing the garden it seems that some things in the garden were observing me…

A tiny Brown Speckled Wood butterfly flew back and forth and finally landed on my knee. I’ve heard that some butterflies are territorial so it may have viewed me as a trespasser on it’s patch.
I wasn’t quick enough to capture it with my camera but here’s one I spotted later feeding on blackberries.

Then seconds later a huge Red Admiral arrived and perched on my leg for a couple of minutes. I was so thrilled and amazed because only yesterday I wished I could see one. Magical butterfly moments indeed!

Red Admiral Butterflies