End of November

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We’ve had lots of sunshine and blue sky in November 2014. It’s been a fantastic month for leaves and berries.

November Leaves and Berries

Even on days when the sun didn’t shine there was something beautiful and interesting to see. There were pale seed heads, brittle stems and crispy curling leaves, tiny creatures hiding away and best of all a cheeky robin following me around.

Leaves and Seed Heads

December will be different but just as beautiful in it’s own way.

I hope you are still enjoying your garden this autumn.     Gillian 🙂

3 thoughts on “End of November

    1. Thanks Annette. The seed heads are from Aquilegia plants. They self sow in my Spring Garden and I adore them. When they are in flower the heads droop downwards then they turn upright when the seeds are ripe. It’s like magic! At first they are quite solid but become lace like as they begin to decay. Not the best spot for a ladybird to hibernate!

      1. I don’t think I have ever seen Aquilegia do that – maybe I don’t leave mine long enough before I cut them back.They are beautiful.

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