Ox-Eye Daisies

Ox-Eye-Daisies-ThumbnailI’ve just spotted a patch of fresh young seedlings in a patch of bare earth.
Ox Eye Dasies. Woo Hoo! The earth is still lovely and moist and easy to work so I am digging up a clump. Suddenly spring 2015 doesn’t seem so far away after all.Daisies-&-GrassesThe bigger plants are perfect for transplanting directly to the bottom of the garden with the fruit trees where I want them to grow and flower next year. I’m already imagining the scene… tall white daisies and soft grasses buzzing with bees and butterflies.


The tiny seedlings need to grow on a bit before I decide where to plant them. I’ve filled two plug trays with lovely fresh compost and pricked them out into their own individual cells to give them room
to develop.



Ox-Eye daisies are commonly found in the British countryside and are extremely easy to grow in gardens. They are perfect for the wilder areas of the garden such as an orchard, hedge bottom or a mini meadow. They will blend in very well in a border too but where there is better quality soil they will grow bigger and stronger than the wild daisies in less cushy spots.


Looking forward to spring already!   Gillian 😉

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