Feeding A Bee

It’s Wildlife Wednesday!

My daughter found a bee on the kitchen floor looking bedraggled and weak.

She mixed a little honey and water in a saucer and carried it outdoors then filmed the bee feeding (with her phone)

When it had finished the Bee flew around her head three times before it flew off.

She said she could hear it saying “Thankzzzz very muchzzzz.

Love GillianI’m joining in with Wildlife Wednesday with Tina at My Gardener Says  Why not pop along for a peek at some amazing wildlife around the world?

Happy Gardening!



21 thoughts on “Feeding A Bee

    1. Thanks Christine. I shall pass your message on to my daughter. We tell her she’s lovely but of course she says we’re biased and won’t believe us!

      1. I photograph bees at work in nature. I would love to send your daughter one of my photographs. I can send you my e mail address along with a photo of the picture if she would like.

    1. Thanks Tina. Bees are amazing little creatures. I’m sorry to say that I don’t know much about them but luckily our garden is full of them.

    1. Thanks Allison. We do find quite a lot of Bees in a very drowsy or drugged state. One of our neighbours often uses a knapsack sprayer. He covers himself from head to foot with a white suit, goggles and a full helmet so he knows it’s dangerous to humans. The insects have no chance really.

    1. We are quite used to her rescuing small creatures and insects now. Both her and her brother dream of running an animal rescue centre one day. What amazed me about this incident was the detail in the video. It’s the first time I’ve seen a bee feeding like this. Usually they lap up the nectar inside a flower so I just get a shot of a fluffy rear end!

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