The Wild Bunch

I’ve been  picking some wild flowers from our garden, driveway and hedgerow. The patch of Nipplewort with tiny yellow flowers I mentioned yesterday and a beautiful plume of seed heads on some grasses inspired me to gather a bunch of wild flowers and grasses together. 

At this time of year the mixed hedge lining our driveway is full of what I would call hedge bottom flowers. Apparently it’s possible to tell the age of the hedgerow by the number of species in it. I’m not sure if they count wild flowers or just shrubs but there are certainly many more plants nestled in there than you’d ever think possible.

What sort of a display would they make I wonder? It turns out that I managed to gather quite a few different plants to pop in with the Nipplewort including some early bramble blossom. Ouch!

The Wild Bunch


I’ve left it on a table outdoors. I couldn’t take the jug into the house for we have hay fever sufferers in there. I’ll enjoy it when I take a coffee break later.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a lovely day. Gillian 🙂

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