How to photograph Wildlife came across a brilliant young wildlife photographer today. He’s called Will Nicholls and he is from Northumberland in the UK. He has the most beautiful portfolio of owls, red squirrels and mammals on his website. Click his squirrel photo for link.

The great thing about him is that he is willing to show everyone the secrets to getting a good shot.
He has set up a blog Nature TTL with other wildlife and landscape photographers and they are all very generous. There are tips on how to take better photos and how to process them afterwards.  There are loads of fabulous images for inspiration.

I enjoy taking photos of the wildlife in my garden but the results aren’t always that great.   We feed all the wild birds that visit our garden including Mallard Ducks.  In winter and I tried to capture them pecking for corn. It’s harder than you think to get a good shot of a huge group of fast moving birds!

I will be reading and experimenting with the photography tips on Nature TTL  so watch this space for improved images! If you would like to take better photos of your garden wildlife I highly recommend having a look at Will’s websites.   Gillian  🙂

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