A world devoid of colour

Red TulipIf the world was devoid of colour what would I do? I would have to get used to a tasteful black and white blog for a start! My wardrobe would be the height of fashion for once in trendy shades of black and grey with white accents. I could get used to black and white food I think…  but I couldn’t manage without some colour in the garden.   

Tulips under trees

  • I would miss the brilliant reds of of succulent spring tulips which last for just a few days.
  • I would miss the fresh lime green of ferns unfurling and squeaky new hostas for a few weeks.
  • I would miss the glowing bronze and russet tones of foliage which last for a few months each year.

Red Tulips in the Border

Most of all I would miss the leaves on the all trees. In particular I would miss the beautiful green leaves on the oak tree in my garden. If I had just one wish I would keep the oak tree green in the black and white world of the future. I would sit underneath it every day with my coffee and remember how the world used to be when all the trees were green.


Local Colour JPGI will probably do that this winter anyway! O_o
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Local Color

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