Flowers in the Veg Plot

MarigoldGrowing healthy food for your family doesn’t mean that you have to forget the flowers. Many flowering plants attract beneficial insects such as hover flies which will help to keep aphids in check. Some flowers are classed as companion plants and can be grown with specific crops to keep pests away.


I love to see bright and bold plants zinging out of my beds. So I cram in a wigwam of sweet peas or a clump of nasturtiums when ever I can. Nasturtiums attract butterflies which would otherwise lay their eggs on cabbage plants. They eggs hatch out on the nasturtium leaves and the caterpillars munch away at them instead of your cabbages. Small children will absolutely love watching them at work.
I think it’s worth sacrificing a few flowers for the sake of your crop.


Marigolds have nectar which attracts insects such as hoverflies. Their larvae eat aphids which prevents them from spoiling your veg.
I grow both the English Marigolds (above) and French Marigolds (below) from seed… both quite stinky but very beautiful I think.



If you love country gardens then I hope that you enjoyed this.
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Happy gardening.    Gillian  😉


3 thoughts on “Flowers in the Veg Plot

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  2. Hello Gillian, I’ve just found your great site. I have been an enthusiastic gardener for may years but I’m not very good at putting ideas into practice! I also tend to buy plants that I like without thinking about where to put them! I also have an allotment and I let flowers that have seeded grow. This year I had some marigolds, a sunflower and poppies growing, I’ve got nasturtiums in my garden so I will sow some of those for next year. I think the some of the other allotmenteers frown on flowers being grown in amongst the veg but I like it and as you say it helps to divert the unwanted insects.

    1. Join the club Polly! You are in good company I think all keen gardeners buy plants impulsively and then wonder what to do with them. Growing flowers with veg is quite trendy as well as beneficial for wildlife and your crops. I think it’s really great to have a beautiful allotment or veg plot. Thanks very much for your visit and comment.

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