Missing Rudbeckias

rudbeckia-thumbnailEvery autumn in our Gravel Garden two huge clumps of Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldsturm’ make a spectacular show, one on either side of the path to our front door. Until they flower their green leaves and stems  blend into various grasses surrounding them.  That’s my excuse for not noticing that they were missing completely this year.
I can’t believe it. There’s not a trace left!Rudbeckia-CollageThese perennials performed brilliantly each year for me. They produced masses of yellowy orange daisy-like flowers with dark brown centres until the end of October.  I left the seed heads on after flowering for winter interest and their stiff foliage was still standing each Spring.  What happened to them is a mystery. Everything else looks full of life so perhaps they have just come to the end of theirs… strangely all at the same time.

One of their common names is Cone Flower… you can see why.


There are many other Rudbeckias to grow if you love yellow and orange. Some of the annual Rudbeckias had me drooling this year.
I particularly loved a small wild flower patch with cornflowers. They are brilliant for cutting and flower for months.
In fact I think I may even prefer them to my missing perennials!

Rudbeckia-CappucinoDo you grow Rudbeckias?

If you love country gardens then I hope that you enjoy this.
I appreciate your comments and I will try to answer all your questions. Thanks for visiting.


Hope to see you again soon.    Gillian 😉

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    1. Possibly but really I am not sure what happened. All the other plants nearby are fine. I’m just wondering if they have a short life span. Lavender only lives for about two or three years on our heavy clay soil. Gillian

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