Lilac and Lime

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In my spring garden the last few flowers are still blooming. I love this fresh combination of lilac, lime and white in the precious moments before the lushness of summer sweeps through the garden.

I’m linking with Judith at Lavender Cottage Gardening today for Mosaic Monday. The Spring Garden is a magical place in my garden but I’m sorry Judith … no fairies to report here yet! So here’s a mosaic of some of the beautiful flowers in my garden instead.

lilac & lime

The flowers are: Chives, Violas, Iberis, Hesperis, Aquilegia and Erysimum.   Happy Gardening   Gillian 🙂

16 thoughts on “Lilac and Lime

  1. Such dainty flowers, they are beautiful in their delicacy! Have a grand day!

  2. Your site is a constant delight for the eyes! I so enjoy visiting.

  3. Gillian, your mosaic is beautiful what a wonderful collection of flowers you have in your country garden.
    Happy MM.

    1. Thanks Maggie. I’m trying to grow lovely flowers for every season and I particularly love all the fresh spring colours.

    1. Thanks. We probably won’t be seeing this combination of fresh colours until next Spring… here comes Summer and some lovely hot combinations.

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