Photographing Flowers

Annette from Aberdeen wants to know how to eliminate highlights from her flower photos.  She has some beautiful pictures of red poppies on her blog My Aberdeen Garden. There are many ways to correct the colour and light with photo editing software.
But I’d rather be in the garden! I try to get the best shot I can with the camera rather than the computer.

Overcast days are better than sunny days and early morning or evening is great too. I’ve found that it’s best to choose the right time of day to take the photos if you can.

I was in a rush to take these pictures at about 1pm. Big mistake! The brights are too bright and the shadows are too dark.

Lunchtime Shoot

I took these at 8pm…

Evening Shoot

Same camera, same flowers, same photographer.
The only difference was the time of day. Much better!
Hope that helps Annette.

2 thoughts on “Photographing Flowers

  1. Thanks so much Gillian, I will certainly give that a try next time. I still have some Ladybird poppies that are not out yet so shouldn’t be too long to wait.

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