Looking Good 15th April

There are signs of spring everywhere I know but nothing shouts SPRING to me more than a carpet of Bluebells. We don’t have a carpet here yet… they are just coming into flower but we do have some pink and pale blue Spanish Bluebells and some darker blue English Bluebells.


Spanish Bluebells have a shorter wider flower and English Bluebells have longer narrower tubular blooms.




If you are wondering what type of Bluebells you have in your garden you may find my earlier post helpful. Bluebell Thumbnail

Just click the photo link to see more.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely weekend. Gillian 😉


5 thoughts on “Looking Good 15th April

    1. They usually are Christina… mine flower well into May which is when I think they are at their most lovely.

  1. I planted bluebells for the first time last fall. I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them ‘in person.’ I have some shady spots in my yard that needed a hit of colour in the spring, and I’m hoping they do the trick. Yours certainly get full marks for colour!

  2. Beautifully photographed Gillian! They look so lovely en masse and I love the sparkly dew drops!
    – Kate

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