Looking Good 18th March

Some of the smaller plants in our Spring Garden are looking good this week. A circle of the primroses Primula vulgaris around the Oak tree are in full flower now. I planted just six when we moved here and now there are many more. They seed themselves around and I also divide any large clumps after they’ve finished flowering and move the divisions around too. They grow and flower at the same time as Anemone blanda which is a lovely soft blue.


This year I’ve added some Primula ‘Porcelain Blue’. Just six. I’m not sure if they will set seed but we’ll see what happens next spring.


There’s a lovely little viola in flower now too. It’s a new one to me Viola ‘Delft’ which has the most gorgeous rich purple outer petals and a paler centre. Early this morning the dew sparked like tiny diamonds on the petals.


Love from GillianWhat’s looking good in your garden today?

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Happy Gardening!     Gillian 🙂

16 thoughts on “Looking Good 18th March

  1. Hello Gillian. Lots going on in our garden at the moment – we have just planted 10 white barked birch. Hellebores are still going strong and Prunus cerassifera has had an early display this year.

  2. Simply beautiful, Gillian. The soft blue primrose is such a lovely addition to the original pale yellow ones. Yes, it will be interesting to see if/how they cross next spring.

  3. That Viola is a gorgeous colour. Spring bulbs are gradually flowering here, but not much else out yet. Narcissus tete a tete are looking wonderfully spring like whatever the weather and the crocuses when the sun comes out.

    1. I must admit that I was seduced by the colour Annette. I try to choose a new viola every spring. I had some lovely pale lilac violas last year which also blended nicely with my established tiny plants. Your garden is looking lovely as usual.

      1. I love violas but can’t usually grow them because of the slugs eating them. I do have a couple in the garden at the moment that I am trying to protect with wool! Thanks, but my garden is only looking good in very isolated spots just now. I can’t wait for the tulips and daffs to come out and the perennials to start growing.

  4. Great pictures of your lovely spring flowers. Primroses in the garden particularly when they choose their own spot just add that zing and with the blue you get a little bit of spring magic.

  5. Such gorgeous, soft colours. Pretty is often a rather mundane word, but your flowers truly are that – delicate, soft, subtle. You captured them beautifully with light and sparkling dew.

    I hear there are buds on the trees at home. This worries me, as it’s too early. A hard frost could kill the buds. I am so hoping for more than 4 apples on my baby apple tree this year. The snow is almost gone (I’m told), but cold overnight temperatures should keep my bulbs from emerging before I get home. Fingers crossed.

    1. We are all at the mercy of the weather and it’s not too predictable these days. I hope you do get some lovely apples this year but if not there’s always next year!

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