Looking Good 18th March

Some of the smaller plants in our Spring Garden are looking good this week. A circle of the primroses Primula vulgaris around the Oak tree are in full flower now. I planted just six when we moved here and now there are many more. They seed themselves around and I also divide any large clumps after they’ve finished flowering and move the divisions around too. They grow and flower at the same time as Anemone blanda which is a lovely soft blue.

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Spring Garden Tidy Up

DaffodilsIn the Spring Garden there are a few jobs for me to do this week. These would usually be jobs for May but the late spring here has delayed flowering.

The daffodils have finished flowering, keeled over and are finally beginning to turn yellow, a sure sign that all the nutrients from the leaves have returned to the bulb and it’s time to cut them back.

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