Looking Good 27th May

It’s overcast again today but much warmer than yesterday. I’ve just had a quick trip around the garden with my camera to pick out some of the plants that are looking good right now. For various reasons I’m doing a lot more looking than actual gardening at the moment. Today I saw so much coming into flower I found it difficult to focus on just one plant, a colour or a theme for this blog post.
So I’m just picking out a few plants caught my eye.

The white flowers are Horse Chestnut Tree, Ox-Eye-Dasies and Lilac. The pinky -purple flowers are Lilac, Allium and Foxglove. I’m enjoying these lovely soft colours and the gentle light we have today.



Funnily enough what thrilled me most of all was a plant I didn’t put here.
It arrived all by itself and it’s settled in the dappled shade of the wild hedge on the edge of our garden.

Love GillianI’m hoping that it’s Comfrey. It looks like it to me…
If it is I’ll be making some lovely fertilizer out of the leaves once it bulks up a bit.

Do you know what this plant is? I would love to hear from you if you do. Happy Gardening! Gillian 🙂




24 thoughts on “Looking Good 27th May

    1. Thanks for joining in Christina. Your garden is looking beautiful…I was surprised to see that our Alliums look to be at exactly the same stage when usually your plants are so far ahead. Woo Hoo! I thought it was Comfrey. We do get all sorts springing up under the trees… lots of Holly and Hawthorn in particular which I assume comes from bird droppings. Perhaps they brought the comfey too?

  1. Lovely garden! And I think that is a comfrey plant. Also, I found your blog via Christina’s (myhesperidesgarden).

  2. It’s always intriguing when something new appears, although it may not always be wanted! It’s definitely comfrey – and easily pulled up if it gets thuggish and you have more than enough comfrey tea!! Isn’t it exciting to see the alliums bursting out of their buds?!

    Wasn’t absolutely sure if you were encouraging others to join in, Gillian, but I was writing this post anyway so thought I may as well:

    1. You are quite right Cathy… there’s nothing like an unexpected plant popping up and I’ve been meaning to buy Comfrey to make some feed for my plants for ages now. Welcome to Looking Good Cathy. I’m very happy for anyone to join in to show us their garden or neighbourhood each Friday.

  3. A comfrey arrived in my garden a few years ago years ago but has white flowers! Like you, I’m spending so much time looking at the moment as everything is growing and changing so quickly!

    1. Aren’t we lucky Sandra? I’m quite thrilled because although we do get a lot of self seeded plants each year they do tend to be all the same wildflowers and hedgerow shrubs. To have a plant I’ve been meaning to buy just pop up is lovely. May is amazing isn’t it? Everything changes so fast. Even an overnight downpour has the power to make everything look so different the following morning. Thanks very much for visiting and commenting. You are most welcome.

  4. Lovely flowers Gillian. I am glad to have comfrey identified as I saw it in a friend’s garden yesterday and didn’t know what it was. Must steal some of that!

    1. It’s a brilliant plant to have so go ahead and take some seeds from your friend Annette. I’ve had it on my mile long must buy list for ages.

  5. Lovely photos as always Gillian! Yes, definietly Comfrey. It grows wild here, as well as in my garden, in various shades of blues and pinky reds.

    1. Thanks Cathy. It sounds like the flowers are quite variable which doesn’t worry me as it’s the leaves I’m after.

    1. Thanks very much for joining in Liz. There is no real deadline now (at first I was using a linky thingy which ended at midnight on Friday) It’s all very relaxed now and I’m very happy for you to join in whenever you can. You are very brave to be opening your garden next week. It always looks fabulous to me so I am sure your visitors will be most impressed anyway.

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