No more gardening until March?

Winter Pot ThumbnailDid you know that gardening has been knocked right off the top of the UK hobbies list? Depending on which survey you read the number one slot is now occupied by reading, cookery or gaming. Whatever that is! Anyway the surveys show that gardening is still a firm second on the list of popular hobbies and pastimes.

Gardening still makes a lot of people happy! So can someone please tell me why Gardeners World finished last Friday and won’t be back on our TV screens until mid March 2014?

Gardening carries on throughout the year. Autumn is perfect for planting new trees, hedges, shrubs and perennials. You can prepare new vegetable beds, plant fruit and improve your summer borders.
Even if no major changes are required many gardeners empty their summer patio pots and refill with winter hardy plants such as Primulas, Violas, Cyclamen and Pansies.

DESIGN TIP Autumn is the very best time for making changes to your garden because you can see where the gaps are, where you need more structure, colour and permanent planting.

Winter Container

Now I know that some keen gardeners don’t rely on TV programmes for inspiration but many new gardeners like a little bit of encouragement and advice. And I love it.
It’s great to see what’s in season and which part of the garden needs work now. Ask any good garden centre or nursery and they’ll tell you that the plants most in demand each weekend are those featured on Gardeners World. The telly has huge influence!
So come on BBC. Monty Don and all the Gardeners World team need a good rest I’m sure… but 4 months off? Really?

Spring in our gardens won’t be the same without all the winter preparation.
We’ll get on with it as usual but it would be lovely if we could watch a gardening programme once a week throughout winter.
Surely that’s not too much to ask?

What do you think about the gardening programmes on TV?

2 thoughts on “No more gardening until March?

  1. Hi Gillian. I’m enjoying looking at all the links on your latest post. I was thinking exactly the same the other day – no Gardeners’ World for several months?! And I only just worked out how to watch it here in Germany at the end of this summer!

    1. Thanks Cathy. You would think that the BBC could come up with one really good gardening programme per week from November to March wouldn’t you?

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