Happiness is a Garden

I love a good gardening book. Over the years I’ve read quite a lot, especially when I earned my living as a Garden Designer. When I needed to know all sorts of technical details learning from others who generously shared their knowledge in a book was brilliant for me. Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies and each year there are lots of new books to choose from. Many of them are very practical giving instructions about HOW TO tackle a particular task. I find it fascinating to read how others approach their garden. I’m also very interested in WHY gardens mean so much to some people.

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Twenty Minutes in the Garden

How to get things done in the garden…
Even if you don’t feel like it!

I’ve just had my coffee in the garden. It’s amazing out there today, lovely and warm with birds feeding and calling to each other and the incessant buzz of insects on the hunt for nectar and pollen. Sunlight shining through the leaves of the oak tree has turned them lime green. It feels like a summer day and spending just a few minutes outside in the sunshine makes me happy. There are signs of autumn too. In the hedgerow brambles are laden with plump blackberries and huge fat red hips are lined up along the whippy stems of wild roses.

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Orange Flowers For Spring

When I think of orange flowers I feel happy. My first thoughts are of warm summer days and bright orange Marigolds. Later in the season there are masses of Heleniums and other tall orangey/yellow perennials. But there are also some early spring flowers in all shades of orange… and that’s right when I feel that I need an intense shot of colour.

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Happiness is a Garden Visit

There are lots of things that make me happy and visiting gardens is one of them. I love to see how other gardeners deal with tricky situations in their own patch and how they combine plants and materials to create a unique atmosphere in their garden. I enjoy visiting well known large gardens and small private gardens too.

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A world devoid of colour

Red TulipIf the world was devoid of colour what would I do? I would have to get used to a tasteful black and white blog for a start! My wardrobe would be the height of fashion for once in trendy shades of black and grey with white accents. I could get used to black and white food I think…  but I couldn’t manage without some colour in the garden.   

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