Biennial Flowers

I’t’s been a scorcher of a day here in Lancashire. It’s cooling off now and we can here thunder rumbling in the distance but there’s no sign of any rain so far. I’ve just picked a bunch of flowers. There’s nothing quite like cutting flowers from your own garden and this evening I’ve chosen plants that I’ve grown from seed.

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Calendula officinalis

I grow Calendula officinalis every year from seed. It’s a hardy annual with big curved seeds. They are very easy to grow… so if you have small children who would like to grow their own flowers then these are just perfect. This year I have grown several different types of Calendula.

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Sweet William

Dianthus-ThumbnailThe Sweet William plants growing in my greenhouse for next spring have already produced some flowers . They were ready for planting outside in early autumn but I decided to leave them inside when I saw buds developing. I’ve had a few flowers for the house already and today I cut some more. 

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