The Big Garden Birdwatch

We are feeding our garden birds everyday now. They like sunflowers seeds and peanuts in particular and we also hang out fat balls and apples for them. Some of the bigger birds such as Crows and Wood Pigeons also visit our birdtables now that food is scarce in the fields, hedgerows and trees and a pair of pheasants like to see what’s fallen to the ground for them.

Smaller birds scatter when the big birds arrive but they don’t stay long and we replenish the food whenever necessary so there’s always something for the little ones to eat. The weather is set to become much colder here so I’ve made a point of topping up the food a couple of times today already. If the birds are well fed they’ll stand a much better chance of surviving in the icy temperatures and biting wind set to arrive tomorrow.

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Wildlife in the Garden

Have you ever noticed how an everyday activity sometimes turns into a magical event?¬†We live in a small village in the North West of England. We’re just on the edge of the village with our garden stretching out into the surrounding countryside. Apart from traffic passing through on the main street it’s a peaceful place. Just the way we like it.¬†Everyday I make a point of walking to our local post box to send orders on their way to my lovely customers.

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Meet the Locals

It’s raining. It rained all night and it’s set to rain all morning here in Lancashire in North West England. So I thought that I would look back at some photos taken when the sun was shining. I have lots of lovely pictures of places we have been, gardens we have visited and our own garden. Flicking through the pictures is a joy. They capture a moment in time and bring back very happy memories of warm summer days and crisp frosty mornings.

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