The Goldfinches are back

Goldfinch ThumbnailWe’ve had Goldfinches visiting our garden over the past few days. They are attracted to the Teasel seed heads which I left on over winter specifically for these visitors. Despite being lashed about by the wind and rain for the past few months there are still plenty of seeds and small insects tucked away inside the spiky cones.

Goldfinch 02This is a pair I think. The male has a much bigger red patch on his head than the female Goldfinch. They both have black and yellow wings. They also love lavender seeds, dandelions and thistles. If you don’t have any of these plants in your garden you can attract them with niger seed. It’s a small oil rich seed available from all good pet shops.

Goldfinch 01Goldfinches are shy birds and usually visit gardens only when their supply of wild food is scarce. They migrate south for the winter… some to southern England and others go as far as Spain apparently. I think it’s well worth trying to attract them into the garden on their return. Often they travel in flocks of up to 40 birds and that is something special  I can tell you! Their song is beautiful and their arrival is a clear sign that winter is almost over.

If you want to grow Teasels for next year see Terrific Teasels for more information about the plants.

Do you have Goldfinches in your garden?   Gillian 😉