The Other Letter

I came across this short video on Youtube and wondered if you would like to see what some small children would like for Christmas.

Please show it to any parents who are feeling pressured to buy expensive gifts.

Thank you!   Gillian 🙂

14 thoughts on “The Other Letter

  1. Gillian, I loved this so much I want to put it on Facebook on my timeline, however, for some reason I couldn’t find the precise link to use to just get to THIS video. As you may be more tech-savvie, can you please respond to this comment with the link I should use?

    Thank you, Susie

      1. Thank you Gillian! The video was so well done in addition to the inspirational message. As someone who has made documentaries, I couldn’t help but love the editor’s choice of children, the fleeting look on someone’s brow, an instant of confusion of a child’s face, the mother who couldn’t go on…(no puedo.) Nothing was overdone. Really lovely.

  2. That was sweet and touching. It would be interesting if they asked the kids what they would like to give to others too! As a former teacher, I am thinking of all kinds of writing exercises I could have/should have done with these ideas!

  3. I think this is a sign of the times when both parents have to or are expected to work. However if you read the comments on YouTube, many people believe it is staged. Whether it is or not, it is an important lesson for parents.

    1. I don’t think it was intended to make working parents feel bad! I just think it’s about any parent (working or not) realising that spending a bit of time with their child is worth much more than a Christmas toy.

      1. I have every admiration for working parents – I don’t know how they manage to balance everything. I was lucky enough to only need to work part time and only once my children started school. But that is rare these days.

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