Where’s the Dog?

SammyOur dog Sam followed me everywhere. He gently sniffed out small creatures, rooted around whilst I was weeding, raced around in circles with his footballs and tore them to shreds.
When I stopped for a coffee he stopped for a short rest too.
He loved lounging at my feet in the sunshine.
It’s not the same without him.
He was my shadow. My pal.
I will miss him.



29 thoughts on “Where’s the Dog?

  1. Lo siento mucho Gillian. Yo he pasado por la pérdida de un perro amigo, compañero, confidente varias veces y se pasa muy mal. Es perder un ser querido. Hay que quedarse con los buenos momentos que se pasaron con él. Y recordarle así. Nunca se irá de tu corazón ni de tu memoria, por muchos perros que tengas. Cada uno es único como una persona. Saludos cordiales de Margarita.

      1. De nada Gillian. Espero que te recuperes pronto de su pérdida, porque tu perro siempre te acompañará : era uno más de la familia. Me gusta mucho su foto.

  2. How sad you must be Gillian. We lost our dear old wolfhound last year so I know what it feels like. Hope you find comfort in all your memories of him.

    1. Thanks Cathy. We are all heartbroken as you must be too. We are so lucky to have had this dog. He was perfect for our family and our outdoor lifestyle.

  3. Oh Gillian – I am so sorry about you losing Sam. He looked like such a sweet dog and garden companion. I’m sure you must miss him terribly – It really leaves a hole in your heart doesn’t it, especially when they have been such a lovely friend.
    – Kate xxx

  4. We have outlived four of our dogs, and that feeling of “I think I must have left him outside somewhere, because he’s not where he should be,” is just the worst. It is so hard to get over. Even when new dogs come into the family, you still look for the old ones!
    It’s nice to think of them being with us in spirit, that when we sit outside around the fire in the evenings, those four are stretched out close to us along with our present two.

    1. That’s a lovely thought. Our children are already talking about a new dog but it’s too painful just yet for us adults! In some ways it does feel like Sam is still around us but all we miss his waggy welcome every day.

    1. Thanks very much. I had no idea that dog would wriggle into our lives and hearts like he did. It’s sad but we are all the better for having him in our lives.

  5. Oh, gee. So sorry to hear the news. It looks like you gave him a very happy life.

    1. He had a lovely life with us. We rescued him from mean owners who beat him and we always said that he must have felt he was in paradise here with all the love and attention and freedom. In return he made us very happy too. Thanks very much Debra,

    1. Thanks Eliza. He was our one and only dog so this loss is new to us and very hard. Thanks for your good wishes… that means a lot to me.

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