Wild Flower Photos

I’ve had a request for larger photos so here they are…

Here’s a gallery of the shots that made up yesterdays post about the annual wild flower patch.  Just click on the first photo to open the gallery. I hope you approve!    

This is what the same wild flower patch looked like earlier this year. Many more flowers and a greater variety of colour…

I’d be very interested to know which you prefer to see when you visit a blog… a gallery like this or photos inserted into the text.   Please send me a comment with your thoughts. Thank you!
Gillian 😉

8 thoughts on “Wild Flower Photos

  1. As you know I prefer to see the photos at full size when they are good photos like these. I only noticed when I left individual comments that you can actually see the camera settings too – an added advantage.
    Great shots – thanks.

    1. Thanks very much for all your lovely comments Annette. It rained yesterday morning then the day turned fine and warm but overcast which is good for flower photos. I always have an idea in mind for each photo shoot then spend approximately one hour taking the pictures. I never use a tripod so sometimes the shots are not absolutely sharp… but there are always shots that I can use to illustrate my blog posts.

      1. I don’t get on too well with a tripod either. It is difficult to get quite the right angle with one. I suppose it is a matter of practice and probably having a very expensive tripod that is more flexible.

  2. Hi Giilian,
    love reading your blog – so bright & happy. I prefer distance photos the best of all – what I mean is I like to see the plants within their immediate setting – as this is what gives me inspiration and ideas.
    I know what a close up of a plant looks like 🙂 – there are heaps of images on the Internet however what is unique are photos involving the garden/ setting of a plant I.e the other plants planted around, the colour/ foliage combinations – to me not enough gardening blogs give the whole planting feel/ideas of a garden. And this could just include the immediate area around the plant – maybe no more than a metre or two – i know close up of flowers are visually stunning from a photography point of view however I trawl the net looking for ideas to implement in my own garden & seeing other gardens & plantings is what I love the most – not just the plant in isolation 🙂
    Cheers Alison

    1. Hello Alison. Thanks very much for your comment I appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think. Very often a wide shot looks quite messy… the wildflower photos from earlier this year show examples of that! I do take lots of them (for my own garden journal) but don’t include them here for that reason. What sort of conditions do you have in your own garden? Perhaps I can make a few suggestions and show you some photos of plant groups that may work for you. Would be happy to help. Gillian

  3. I like big pictures. But found it very slow to move backwards and forwards between them and the little discs. I also kept going back too far and getting to the ‘continue reading’ page. So, having initially thought the discs fun, I ended up not looking at them all – so I’ve decided I like big within the text so I can enjoy going down the page without fiddling. Maybe this ends up a bit conventional – but, in this case, it’s the conventional that may work best.

    P.S. I’m a hoverfly fan!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to have a look and comment Lucy. In theory the gallery should just open up by clicking the first picture then you click the arrow on the right of the screen to move on to the next image. Sorry it didn’t work out for you and thanks for telling me. I need to know what works and what’s frustrating for readers so I appreciate your input. Gillian

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