Wildflower Wednesday: 23.09.15

CoreopsisAs usual I have grown lots of flowers from seed this year. Well… if you are a keen gardener you can never have too many plants can you? I have grown all sorts. Some perennials, hardy annuals and half hardy annuals. Amongst them were some beautiful wild flowers such as Foxgloves and Ox eye Daisies and they have all been lovely.

There are many British native plants in my garden and in the lanes nearby that I could have selected for Wildflower Wednesday but this week this is the plant that stood out for me.


It is a wild flower… but not here in the UK. This particular plant comes from Canada, Mexico and the USA. If you live there and have this growing wild you are soooo lucky. It’s beautiful.

These gorgeous red flowers appeared amongst the Marigolds. I don’t remember sowing them. They look like Coreopsis tictoria to me. Tickseed. Please feel free to correct me if you know exactly what they are. I do remember sowing another type of Coreopsis (a half hardy annual here) but they became too straggly. Impatiently I weeded them out. That may seem ruthless but there’s no room in my garden for plants that don’t perform well. There are too many other lovely plants to grow!
I absolutely love the combination of their deep red/maroon flowers with the bright orange Marigolds. So that’s another one to add to my list for next year as well as our own wild flowers!

I’m linking up with Gail at Clay and Limestone today for Wildflower Wednesday.

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