To post a link to your site here on Friday to show us something that is Looking Good in the Garden. What caught your eye this week?

Bloggers around the world would love to see what’s looking good right now either in your garden or allotment or in your neighbourhood, in the streets, parks, gardens and plant nurseries nearby.

It is tempting to try to show everything that’s looking good but that is a lot of work for you and it is very hard for readers to digest. Please try to focus on just one thing. It could be a colour, a specific combination of plants, your potting bench, even your new wellies. Choose something that thrills you this week.

Please keep your posts related to gardening, wildlife or garden produce.
Choose something lovely that makes you feel happy.

my-looking-good-poppyHere are some ideas:

  • Beautiful plants or interesting foliage
  • Seedlings or cuttings
  • Cut Flowers
  • Luscious ripe fruit or vegetables
  • Garden produce, soups, jam or cakes
  • Wild flowers or a hedgerow
  • A clipped hedge or topiary
  • Tools or gardening equipment
  • Pots and watering cans
  • A garden building, shed or log store
  • Patio containers and window boxes
  • Wild birds and small creatures
  • Bird boxes, bug hotels and nests
  • Garden structures or fences
  • Garden furniture
  • Paths and paving
  • Herbs and edible plants

Here in the UK it’s the Autumn Equinox on 23rd September so you may wish to choose something like autumn colour, leaves and berries, seed heads or fading flowers. Those of you on the other side of the world just approaching Spring may prefer to show us spring bulbs or plants, new buds and leaves unfurling.

These are just IDEAS. Feel free to post something else. You are the expert on your location, your garden and your neighbourhood and we would love you to show us the best bits.

my-looking-good-flyPOST YOUR LINK

  1. Write your post as usual and publish it. Choose whatever format suits you best. It could be a plant profile with photos to illustrate, a photo collage or gallery, a detailed article or simply a photo with a caption. Add a link on your post to Looking Good at Country Garden UK.
  2. Visit Country Garden UK and add a link to your post via the comments box.
  3. Once you have left a comment you may wish to visit the other participants to see what’s Looking Good in their garden and comment on their blogs too.

Love Gillian

I think this could be a lot of fun and a chance for us to see new ideas, improve our photos and find out what’s going on elsewhere.
I do hope that you will join in. Everyone is welcome!

See you on Friday. Until then Happy Gardening  🙂


    1. When you copy and paste the web page/URL of your post into a form here on Friday… thumbnails of all the photos on that page will open up automatically. Just choose the one you would like to use as your thumbnail for your post. It’s easy to do.

  1. That is great, Gillian. I should be able to find some things to photograph over the next few weeks anyway. Could you, maybe, suggest a tag for us to use with our posts. If this takes off, as indeed it should, it would be much easier to search for posts in the WordPress reader than to click a lot of links at the end of your post.

      1. Just tried it and yes your post came up but so did a lot of other stuff about looking good! Mind you could be useful.
        It is quite hard to find a tag that is unique, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful challenge. I am so looking forward to seeing what others have in their gardens, and showing off some of mine. Thanks for the opportunity l can’t wait!!

  3. Is this still open? I would love to join in, from India 🙂 Thanks for this idea, it’s wonderful to get to see what’s happening in people’s gardens across the world. Would you mind clarifying step 3? Is it a regular pingback, so I just insert a link to this page in my post?

    1. Yes! I will post something each Friday. Please include a link to this weeks Looking Good in your post and then leave a comment with link to your post so that other people can visit your blog. We would love to see what’s happening in your garden or neighbourhood in India. Anything garden related would be lovely.

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