Pot up some herbs for winter

Pot up chives for winter
I’ve just potted up a few herbs today… mint, oregano, parsley and chives. Although they will survive outside in the herb garden over winter these had already collapsed in the wind and rain. Besides, I’ll feel much happier knowing that I have some lovely home grown fresh herbs on my kitchen windowsill.

Here’s how:
Dig up small clumps of herbs and pot them up with some lovely fresh compost.
Cut off any straggly stems or wilted leaves.
You can be quite brutal with mint and chives, they will quickly recover.

Grow herbs indoors in winter
Pot up herbs for winter

I’ll keep these in the greenhouse until they’re looking good and then I’ll take them in.

My other hardy herb plants will be fine in the garden throughout autumn and winter. I’ve cut them back now, tidied up around them and mulched with garden compost. Are you keeping any herbs going indoors over winter?    Gillian