A New Family

Duckling ThumbnailYay! The ducklings have arrived. Some of the local wild ducks nest in our garden and use our pond for their first dip. It’s amazing to see such tiny young birds hurtle into the water.

At first they snuggle up close to their mum for comfort. Gradually they gain confidence and spread out to explore. I managed to snap a few quick shots before the mother duck shooed her fluffy new family across the pond and into the reeds.

Mother DuckThis duck knows us very well. We feed her all year round and yet she is still wary of us when her ducklings first hatch. We have seen the most vigilant ducks keep their ducklings close to them and hide whenever they think it is necessary. Hopefully this strategy will keep all nine of these ducklings safe from hungry herons and foxes.

Ducklings Cluster

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