Twenty Minutes

PP ThumbnailAnyone who knows me well will tell you that I get a lot done. I’m focussed and determined and concentrate my efforts to get results. Well… most of the time. But there are occasions when I have so much to do that I have no idea where to start.

Information Overload I call it. So I take my favourite red cup with freshly brewed coffee and a squidgy slice of cake (the jammier the better I find) and head outside.


It’s not just the cake that comforts me. Sometimes I pick up my trowel with the smooth wooden handle and dig out a stubborn little weed or two. Often they just pop out of the ground with a satisfying snap. Sometimes I take my camera and hone in on a bud that’s ready to burst, a fragrant flower in full bloom or faded pastel petals already drooping. And sometimes I just sit very still and soak up the light, the atmosphere and the life simply buzzing all around me.

Plum PoppyJust a few minutes outside clears my head. Somehow nature seems to wash over me invading all my senses. Nothing  matters except the here and now. Twenty minutes is all it takes. Reinvigorated I saunter back inside feeling much calmer and happier. I have fresh perspective and loads of new ideas.  It’s amazing what a garden can do!