How to be Happy

HemerocallisIt’s official… gardening makes you happy! According to a recent survey by the magazine Gardeners World, gardeners are very happy people. They say that gardening can improve your mood and make you feel that life is more worthwhile.

From personal experience I know that’s true. For me when times are tough there’s nothing like a quick burst of activity in the garden to take my mind off a problem and help to burn off the frustration I’m feeling. It’s not just the digging that does it for me though. Being able to observe the detail of the plants and creatures in the garden gives a fascinating glimpse into another world and I always learn something new.
Happy Flowers

According to the experts there are many reasons why gardening improves the way you feel. Here are just a few of them:

  • Being outdoors in the fresh air brings the most happiness.
  • Green places are good for personal health.
  • The physical activity of growing and nurturing plants improves both body and mind.
  • Keen gardeners have a very positive outlook on life.
  • Getting up close to nature is good for us.
  • Observing birds, insects and wildlife helps us focus on the moment
  • Seeing seasonal changes and the beauty of the natural world.

And my personal favourite:

If things don’t go to plan this year… there’s always next year!

Are you a happy gardener?  Gillian 😉