Rosa ‘Cherry Brandy’

Cherry Brandy roses are some of the most glamorous roses I have ever clapped eyes on.Roses-&-Oak-leaves

Cherry Brandy roses are some of the most glamorous roses I have ever clapped eyes on. They have deep fuchsia pink outer petals (cherry) with warm yellow inner petals which fade to a rich caramel peach (brandy) over time. I would love to tell you that I grew these fabulous flowers in my own garden but alas I have to admit that they are from the Autograph range of blooms at M & S on the high street! I love to use fresh foliage cut from my garden to compliment beautiful flowers. This time I’m using the faded foliage of oak leaves.


I love the way these roses almost perfectly match the last few faded Oak leaves… which I am very happy to say are from my garden. Most of the Oak leaves have gone now. They have been blown away by gale force winds over the past few days but there are still a few clinging on to the tree. When the rain stops there will be leaves to collect and add to the compost heap. It’s always sad to see the last of the leaves fall but there are already rows of fat buds just waiting for the longer days and warmth of spring to arrive.

Are there any leaves left on your trees this winter?


8 thoughts on “Rosa ‘Cherry Brandy’

  1. Glamorous is exactly the right word. How lovely. Are they that caramel cream colour as they fade all year round? They look the same tones as the Belle Epoque tulips I’ve still got to plant.

    1. I thinks so but I don’t grow these roses. I have seen them described as having a bright yellow centre too which these most definitely did not have.

  2. That is a gorgeous combination – roses and oak leaves. The oaks have dropped all their leaves here, but some beech trees are still stubbornly hanging on to a lot of their dried coppery leaves. I wonder if I could use them in a vase arrangement too…. thanks for the inspiration Gillian! 🙂

    1. Most of our oak leaves have fallen in the past few days too Cathy. Beech leaves are much more persistent as are Hornbeam leaves. I think their coppery leaves would look lovely with flowers or seed heads from your garden.

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