September Stars

It’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and there are still lots of plants blooming their little heads off in our garden here in the North West of England. We’ve got beautiful shrubs such as Roses and Hydrangeas, perennials like Sedums and Asters and lots of annual flowers too.
Without doubt these flowers in this collage are the STARS in my garden this September.


Row 1 Caryopteris and Larkspur
Rows 2 and 3 Scabious atropurpurea
Rows 4 and 5  Sweet Peas
Row 6 Summerina

If you’d like to see more beautiful flowers blooming all over the world then why not check out GARDEN BLOGGERS BLOOM DAY at Carol’s Blog MAY DREAMS GARDEN.

Happy Gardening!   Love from Gillian

18 thoughts on “September Stars

    1. Yes it is. I’m sorry Jessica but I can’t tell you much about it yet because it’s new to me this year. I remember that label said to keep them well watered to settle in for the first season… after that who knows?

  1. Love the Summerina, which I had to look up as I thought it was Rudbeckia. My Caryopteris is also just opening and the bees love it!

    1. Yes, Summerina is new to me this year. I love Caryopteris too. In my garden it’s a good plant to follow on from Lavender(which is almost over now) for the bees.

      1. Will have to remember Summerina for next year. My lavender went over so quickly in the heat this year, so mid summer was toughest for the pollinators here.

      2. It can be tricky finding the right plants to follow on so there’s continuity of pollen and nectar for the insects. I know that butterflies can feed on fruit if there are no flowers available but what about the bees I wonder?

  2. You have some lovely blooms Gillian. Larkspur and Sweet Peas do well here in Florida, although I am not growing them right now. I love all your purple and lavenders!

  3. Beautiful. I have tried to grow Caryopteris but it does not do well here (too cold?). I just recently learned of the existence of ‘Summerina’, it was in the display gardens at the Montreal Botanical Gardens. I love the color – need to learn more.

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