Free Wildflower Seeds for 2016

Did you know that British wild flowers are in danger of extinction?  In the past 70 years we have lost 97% of our wild flower meadows. This loss has changed the look of the British countryside… it’s still green but not half as colourful as it used to be!

The bad news is that losing most of our wild flower meadows has also affected our insects, birds and small mammals. They need pollen, nectar, seeds and leaves to provide them with food and shelter. Without the wild flowers some of our beautiful wild insects and tiny creatures simply can’t survive. And that affects everything.

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From Flower to Seed Head

In early June this year many of the seeds I sowed in March produced the most beautiful flowers. I was able to pick buckets and buckets of them for our home, our family and friends and there were still plenty left to enjoy in the garden.

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