Galanthus nivalis

It’s Friday so it’s Looking Good in the Garden. We are right in the middle of a storm. It’s been blowing a gale overnight and now even thought the sun is shining there’s a roaring above my garden studio as the wind whips through the bare branches of the oak trees. But Snowdrops are out in full force in our Bluebell Wood nodding their tiny heads in the high speed gusts.

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Looking Good in the Garden 23rd Jan

It’s mid winter here in the UK and this month I’m making the most of some lovely variegated foliage plants. Seasonal changes are some of the main factors I love about our garden but there are some plants here that don’t change much at all throughout the year. From spring to autumn most of these plants play a supporting role.  Usually the stars in the garden are pastel spring blossom and bulbs, bright summer blooms and mellow autumn leaves. It is easy to take foliage plants for granted… they are in the background most of the time really.

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Looking Good 30th October

The wall on the north west side of our house is clothed with a vigorous climber Parthenocissus quinquefolia. It is probably better known as Virginia Creeper. It’s an attractive foliage plant year round with striking leaves – five arranged in each cluster – hence the quin part of the Latin name. Right now this plant is Looking Good! In autumn the leaves change from green to brilliant red.

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Looking Good 25th September

It’s officially autumn now and the garden is just beginning to slip it’s golden coat on.
Our days are shorter and much cooler now and it’s dark when we get up in the morning!
It’s windy and huge rafts of grey clouds have been pelting rain at anything in their path.
We know what’s coming but it’s still a shock after the mild months of summer.

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