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The assignment on Blogging 101 today is to make sure your blog title and tagline reflect what you write about.  If you are clear then visitors can decide quickly if they want to stay and read further or move swiftly on to another blog.

I know without doubt that I want to write about Country Gardens.

Everything I have ever done has led up to this.
As a grower, a garden designer and photographer I’ve visited many country gardens.
I’ve had several country gardens of my own.
I read about country gardens.
I dream about country gardens.
You could say that I am a country garden expert.

I am 100% sure that gardening makes me feel happy and healthy.
In fact recent scientific studies have proved that it does.
I would love to pass on some of the things I’ve learned to inspire and encourage others to have a go at growing beautiful flowers.

So my blog name stays.

But the tagline can change.
Currently I’m using Taste Life in the Garden. I write about English country garden style and the plants you can grow to achieve that look where ever you live around the world. Initially I thought that I would photograph and write about some of our lovely fresh produce and include recipes too but so far that hasn’t happened. I know it could if I planned my posts instead of writing spontaneously!

The theme I’ve been using since 2nd August is Goran. It doesn’t automatically display the tagline but it can be included on the front page header.

Poppies & Grass GillI’ve been thinking about changing the tagline to Happy and Healthy in the Garden.

I would love to know what your thought are. Which do you prefer?
Taste Life in the Garden or Happy and Healthy in the Garden or something else entirely? Your suggestions are most welcome.

Thanks for reading, liking and commenting. Gillian 😉

20 thoughts on “Title and Tagline

  1. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I like “Happy and Healthy in the Garden” more 🙂 Or maybe “Blossoming Recipes for Gardening Success”?

  2. I really like “taste life in the garden.” As a writer, we know that you have to “show not tell” in your writing. Tasting is an active verb: to taste, it conveys something specific and magical. You are going to SHOW people what it is like in your garden. The other one sounds like a line from a self-help book, IMO-:) I hope you’ll be as specific when I ask this question about my blog! I need the help because my writing is varied (makes it harder to pin down…)

  3. Your title reminds me of the folk song, English Country Garden…
    ‘We all smile in spring when the birds start to sing in an English country garden.’

  4. Gillian,
    Your pictures of flowers are simply incredible. You might think of a title like Blooms Over England, as a tagline you could do something like Making the World More Beautiful, One Garden at a Time. Just a suggestion. People will love the pictures, the text will come later. Don’t worry about it. Once it starts flowing, you will find that you will get the hang of it. Just remember just start typing and you can delete the beginning and keep the middle and the end.

  5. The words ‘inspiration’ and ‘sharing’ come immediately to mind.
    Your beautiful photographs and gentle encouragement inspire; and you are happy to share generously.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks very much for your lovely comment. To me there’s no point knowing all this stuff about gardens or taking all these photos then not sharing. It’s the sensible thing to do I think!

      1. Yes, indeed. So then perhaps your title and tagline should be aimed at catching the ‘right’ eye in searches. Perhaps they already do. I found you, not by way of a search, but by jumping across from another blog. You are a good resource; perhaps you have a larger, potential audience out there…

      2. Thanks for the encouragement! It’s hard to choose the right words, especially when readers search for so many different things.

      3. Isn’t it wonderful that gardeners are so generous, where once plants were swapped over the garden gate we’re now fortunate to exchange gifts of knowledge at the press of a button?

  6. ‘Country Garden UK’ is good! It speaks to me of cottage gardens/gardening, which is where I’m at; but it’s more inclusive than that.

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