Colours of Autumn 2014

autumn-thumbnailThinking about a world without colour yesterday made me look closely at the colours around me this autumn. This is what autumn looks like in my neck of the woods so far this year. Still plenty of colour, especially when enhanced by…
sunlight through leaves and a wild creature or two.


It’s easy to take things for granted when you see them everyday. Just ordinary things … but so beautiful. Autumn is amazing isn’t it?


Hope you are enjoying a lovely mild autumn this year too. Gillian

6 thoughts on “Colours of Autumn 2014

  1. These pictures are stunning. I thought about losing all the colors as we were walking down our hill to the trampoline yesterday. All of the trees around the trampoline have started to shed their bright yellow and orange leaves and made this beautiful blanket of color on the trampoline that my daughter loved stomping on, of course. Beautiful blog!

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